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Even You Can Learn How To Homeschool Like A Champion Today

There is a vast amount of resources and articles about how to homeschool that include all the ins and outs of homeschooling. To get you going, I am going to teach you how to homeschool in three easy steps.

Step 1 is to set your mind to it. Step 2 is to choose a curriculum or design your own. And Step 3 is to create a schedule that you can follow.

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Step #1: Overcome The Biggest Obstacle Of How To Homeschool  Successfully By Being Determined And Telling Yourself That You Can And Will Homeschool Your Children

How To Homeschool

Where there is a will, there is a way. It is important for you to know that you can homeschool.

There are no special requirements, no amount of book learning you yourself must have completed, no teacher's certificate, and no degree necessary.

All you need is will power and God's grace. By natural law we can deduce that parents are the primary educators of their children. Once you believe this and believe that with God all things are possible nothing can stop you.

After conquering this spiritual battle and mental game, you will realize that you have all the educational resources that you need at your fingertips. Catholic homeschooling has been thriving in the United States for over 30 years. Homeschooling was a way of life for many colonial and then even pioneer families in America.

Another obstacle that many but not all mothers have is the fear that they cannot stick to a schedule or that they are not patient enough to be with their children all day. 

Successful families, regardless of whether they homeschool or not, work daily on patience and fulfilling their daily duties. In fact completing your daily duties may be the biggest sacrifice you can make each and everyday. It is a powerful form of penance. Mothers need to practice patience and stick-to-it-iveness even if they are not homeschooling.

A huge help to learning how to homeschool successfully is to write down the reasons you want to homeschool your children.

Step #2: Choosing Or Designing A Curriculum Can Be A Stumbling Block But Remembering That You Are Not Married To It Is Helpful

how to homeschool

In the early years, children need to learn how to read and write. They need to learn basic math facts and memorize their catechism.

A knowledge of our heroes and our past told through stories is sufficient for history. As for science, it is important to  teach them how a hypothesis becomes a scientific fact through the scientific method. 

Handwriting and cursive is also an important class. The advantages of learning cursive cannot be underestimated.

As children's minds mature, it is important for them to form good study habits and learn how to reason and develop strong analytical skills. In these later school years theology, literature, and classes like civics become important.

Learning how to write an essay, give speeches, and understand how historic events impacted our world--getting a good handle on grammar and spelling, perhaps studying a foreign language, applying oneself to understanding math concepts as well as science concepts are also important at this later learning stage.

If this seems a little overwhelming remember you are not on your own

Some excellent Catholic homeschool curriculums include Our Lady of Victory, Seton, and Mother of Divine Grace. You can purchase books, purchase lesson plans, or enroll your children in their programs.

Our Lady of Victory is highly recommended as it may be the only exclusively Traditional Catholic Home Study School. The others mentioned have traditional elements but follow the new calendar and the new mass.

Peruse several catalogs that are typically arranged by grade level then decide which books you will purchase for your children. If you are enrolling your children, the school will help you purchase the books you will need.

Don't make the mistake of over buying. Don't buy cumbersome or difficult to teach programs. You don't need any computer programs and oftentimes consumables are the best for the early years. 

When choosing a curriculum your best resource will be other homeschooling mothers

You can always change your curriculum. You are not stuck with the first one you pick. Take it easy at first and don't order more than you need.

Step #3: Committing To Writing And Following A Schedule Will Eliminate The Risk Of Coming To An Unexpected And Abrupt Feeling Of Burnout

Homeschool Student Plan Books

A rule of life is a well planned out structure for one's day. Most rules start with waking and end with bed time. They prescribe a time for eating, praying and fulfilling the other numerous duties one must accomplish throughout the day.

It is imperative in learning how to homeschool to follow a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily schedule for yourself and for each of your students. The daily schedule will be the most detailed.

A consistent class routine is beneficial for students. Timing classes may be helpful for the younger grades. Your schedule will be a work in progress for quite a while. After the first few weeks you find areas that need tweaking.

Make sure you adjust your schedule.

It must work for you. You are not a slave to your schedule, it is a tool for you. Reassessing after week 9, week 18, and week 27 of the school year is a very good habit. This way you can make room for seasonal or extracurricular activities.

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