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Updated by Mary Bowen on March 18, 2020

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    Handball and Dodgeball are fun family games that are good for children (and adults!) Getting out in the fresh air increases alertness while playing team sports develops social skills. Being physically active helps with coordination and a general feeling of wellbeing, plus it elevates a child's self esteem.

    Playing team sports as a family helps develop family togetherness and teamwork.

    Handball Is A Fun Family Game

    Handball is a two player game. The court needs to be concrete and consist of two sides. Using sidewalk chalk, draw a line dividing the court. Choose one side to be the serving side. The server is the only one who can score points when the opponent doesn’t return the ball. Switch servers when the ball is not returned by server.


    • Driveway
    • Playground ball
    • Score pad
    • Sidewalk chalk

    The Play

    The ball is always bounced once then slapped into the opponent's court. To serve, drop the ball then slap into other court. Return ball after one bounce. Server scores when the ball is not returned or goes out of bounds.

    The Rules

    1. No double touching.
    2. The ball must bounce only once in your square before returning it to the opponent.
    3. Only open hand returns. No overhand returns.

    To Win

    Set score to 5, 10, or 15. First one reach the score agreed upon wins. Winner is first server in next game and it is a new challenger's turn.

    Another more relaxed way to play is have everyone sit on a bench. The first two players begin game. Whoever is out goes to the back of the line and the first person in line challenges the winner who is now in the serving square.

    Dodgeball: Another Fun Family Game For Multiple Families

    When there’s a big group of children, dodgeball is the ideal game to play. After the teams have been separated, weasels are chosen. Usually, someone sneaky is picked. Next, the game is on! Balls start flying! Players start sitting! Weasels start acting! A dodgeball game is always action packed! One of the teams wins! At the end of a dodgeball game it is always expected that someone will be shouting, “Let’s play that again!”

    Dodgeball is a team game consisting of two teams. Each team should have 8-12 players. Use about 25 feet of rope to set boundaries. Two team captains take turns picking teams. Then each captain chooses a “weasel”. Usually a small, quick player.


    • Playground balls - preferably two colors: one a single color and the rest an alternate color
    • Rope to set boundaries

    The Play

    Line 6-8 playground balls evenly along the rope. Everyone shouts “1-2-3-4...Dodgeball War!”, then both teams rush the line for the balls. The balls are thrown at the opposite team. If a team member is hit, he sits down. If he catches the ball, the person who threw it sits down. The “weasel” can tag the team member so they can stand back up and be back in the game.

    The Rules

    1. Balls cannot be thrown at the face. If the face is hit, the player throwing the ball must sit as a penalty.
    2. Each team can go out of bounds on their own side to retrieve balls, but they can never cross into the other team's court.
    3. The balls must always be in action. No holding or hoarding balls.

    To Win

    The team to have the last player standing wins. The game ends when an entire team is sitting, so protect your “weasel.”

    Another way to play this game is with the two color ball method. When playing this way there is no "weasel". Here's the twist. When someone catches the single colored ball, their whole team gets to stand up and get back in the play.

    These games are fun, but there are a ton more fun family games to play at home or at the park. Help add to this list with...

    Your Field Games For Families

    Do you know a super fun outdoor game? Share it!

    Don't forget to tell us a little about the game, followed by...

    • List of equipment
    • How to play
    • The rules
    • and Winning the game

    Games We've Added And Other Visitors Have Contributed

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