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Outlaws of Ravenhurst : A Real Favorite!

by Teen-A

It is Scotland during the Scottish Reformation and times are getting ugly for the Catholics. With an English king on the throne, not an acre of Scotland is at peace.

Gordon, who has lived in America until he is a lad of ten, is alone to fight his Protestant uncle, who would be much more happy if his nephew would just switch sides. This is a fight where all are against him but those he doesn’t have contact with. Can he make it alone?

Although the glens are still as beautiful as ever, man is fighting man over which faith to follow. Should Catholics risk torture and death for the truth? In the end he would be named “martyr” and be in favor with his Creator.

Or would it be better to go with the new and be comfortable and have every earthly luxury? This is the question which each man has to ask himself. This is not only a question for the peasants; the nobles are struggling, as well.

The Gordon is a young lad of ten. Although he is young, he has a fierce love for the Catholic faith. He has lived for eight years with an Irish family by the name of Abell.

Although he is not like them, he knows no other family, and, in fact, never even imagined himself as a lord of any sort of castle on a glen in Scotland! He is most shocked when he meets a man who claims to be his uncle and, in a matter of ten minutes, mounts Gordon on a horse and spirits him off to Scotland.

Not only does his uncle, Sir Roger tear him from his family but he also tries to force him into a religion that has no Catholic value. Gordon fights for what he knows is right, but will he persevere?

Sir Roger is the uncle of Gordon. He hates all the Catholic business and wishes he could just knock some sense into that stubborn lad he must call his nephew. He knows that some day Gordon will be the Earl of Ravenhurst.

He also understands that if he wants him to be the “right” religion, he must start now. The sooner Gordon is straightened out, the better. Sir Roger seizes every opportunity to manipulate Gordon into a tight situation, and force him to give up.

He knows that Gordon is only a child and should be easy to trick. Instead of tiring, Gordon only finds more strength in the challenges. In this combat, one will need to back down!

This story does a great job of showing the need for perseverance when one must fight for the truth. Even though Gordon is facing very tough circumstances, he never ceases to struggle against all the assaults that Sir Roger addresses to him.

It’s well-written, funny and a very wonderful book.

It was especially enjoyable to me because I like all things that are Irish or Scottish! I also found that it was not at all forced.

All the virtues that are displayed are shown in a very natural way. I loved it and have read it over three times already!

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