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    This Saint Louis De Montfort Book Summary is here for you to read to see if this book is the next Mary Fabyan Windeatt read for you!

    In Mary Fabyan Windeatt’s St. Louis de Montfort, the Story of Our Lady’s Slave, the reader travels through the cheerful life of Our Lady’s slave: Fr. de Montfort.

    Fr. de Montfort has a cheerful outlook on life as he goes along trying to spread true devotion to Mary.

    Along his path of sanctity he meets Mary Louise Trichet, a young woman who is attracted to Fr. de Montfort’s way of devotion to Our Lady. She shows the virtues of trust and patience when she becomes part of Fr. de Montfort’s family of followers.

    Another who Fr. de Montfort meets is a young man named Mathurin Rangeard. He is a young man who is also eager and willing to join Fr. de Montfort in spreading his message. 

    Throughout this story, the reader sees the saint through each of these characters. 

    Father De Montfort: Cheerful And Trusting

    Fr. de Montfort is a cheery priest who has a special devotion to Our Blessed Mother and wishes to spread the joy of being her slave to the rest of the world.

    Throughout the story he shows many values among which are those of trust and cheerfulness. He never once doubted that all that happened to him was the will of God.

    Every time his old enemies, the Jansenists, stirred up trouble against him and poisoned the minds of several bishops so much so that they asked him to leave, Fr. de Montfort merely says, “It seems God does not want me here, I shall move on to the next diocese.”

    Everything he did was cheerful. Anytime he was forced to leave, he never went with bitter feelings but cheerfully left without a word. Cheerfulness and trust like that of Fr. de Montfort must be truly pleasing to Our Lady.

    Mary Louise Trichet: Trusting And Patient

    Mary Louise Trichet, the first Daughter of Wisdom, is a young woman who joins Fr. de Montfort as one of Mary’s slaves. She too is a very trusting person.

    When Fr. de Montfort asks her to do several things seemingly unnecessary before consecrating herself to Mary, Mary Louise doesn’t question him but  trustfully follows all his directions.

    Besides her trusting personality, Mary Louise is also patient. When she first becomes a Daughter of Wisdom, Fr. de Montfort tells her it may be ten years before she is joined by another young woman, Mary Louise bravely answers that she is prepared to wait that long for a companion.

    Mary Louise is the picture not only patience, but also trust.

    Brother Mathurin: Willing And Eager

    Brother Mathurin is a young man who becomes Fr. de Montfort’s first companion as a brother in the Company of Mary and the third slave of Our Lady.

    Throughout the story, Brother Mathurin shows an eager and willing attitude. When Fr. de Montfort first tells him he has a vocation to be the first brother in the Company of Mary, he instantly is eager to consecrate himself to her and become her slave.

    Although mission after mission of Fr. de Montfort’s get closed, Brother Mathurin is always willing to help him start another one. Even after all their hard work on a beautiful Calvary hill is destroyed by order of one of the deceived bishops, Brother Mathurin still moves along with Fr. de Montfort.

    Willing and eager attitude is apparent throughout all  Brother Mathurin’s actions.

    Saint Louis De Montfort Book Summary Conclusion

    Trust, patience, eagerness to help and a willing attitude shine through Mary Fabyan Windeatt’s characters.

    Fr. de Montfort is both trusting and cheerful in all his actions. Sr. Mary Louise is trusting and patient with Fr. de Montfort and her first companion in the Daughters of Wisdom.

    The third slave of Mary, Brother Mathurin, is eager and willing to help Fr. de Montfort in his hope to spread true devotion to Mary.

    Throughout all Saint Louis de Montfort, the Story of Our Lady’s Slave the virtues of trust, patience, eagerness to help and a willing attitude are portrayed in a such a natural way that the reader hardly notices it.

    Thank you so much for reading this Saint Louis De Montfort book summary! I hope it assisted you in deciding whether this is the book for you or not!

    It is perfect for all ages as it is not to boring for advanced readers, yet written so that it is not to difficult for beginners!


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