Making Mosaics With Children A Step By Step Guide

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    Making mosaics is a fun rainy day activity. It is easy enough for children as young as four. It is low on the messy scale. Plus it will entertain little ones and big people for hours. This is truly an activity for all age levels.

    Sham-wow and I attended a mosaics class recently. He really had a great time. He worked on his project as I worked on mine. Better yet, we were both happy with the results.

    I loved how I was able to create something lovely while he worked independently on his own.

    With mosaics, it is easy for people of all ages and skill levels to be satisfied with their creations.

    Making Mosaics

    What You Will Need When Making Mosaics

    • At least one pound of cut mosaic tiles
    • Frameless glass picture frame
    • Clear bathtub caulk and gun
    • Glass gem marbles
    • Stencils and butcher paper
    • Permanent marker, pencils and tape
    • Paper towels

    How To Make Mosaics

    1. Start by choosing your design. If you are not good at freehand drawing of things such as sailboats, hummingbirds or dragonflies, try a Google search for beginner mosaic patterns or beginner stained glass patterns.
    2. Using butcher paper trace the pattern on to a new sheet (if desired)
    3. Tape your pattern to the back of your frame.
    4. Using the glass gem marbles glue using the caulk to the glass with your pattern as a guide.
    5. Fill in the rest of your design gluing down the tile mosaics.

    Some tips for success:

    • Use the glass gems sparingly.
    • Use a paper plate to hold a puddle of the glue.
    • Use your finger to spread the glue.
    • The glue dries clear, so a little on the front of the gems and tiles is okay.
    • Don't allow any pieces to go beyond the outer edges of the glass or they will pop off easily after your project is dry.
    • Help little ones separate colors of tiles to make their project is more aesthetically appealing.
    • Work from the center outward with the small tiles.

    This was a fun and easy project. You will be very pleased with the results. I have been looking for a hobby for my boys for a while now, and I am hoping this will fit the bill.

    The best news is that it is entertaining, children can work independently, and the mess is minimal. Tell me about your successes, I can't wait to hear about them.

    Soon we are going to try a curved surface. I can't wait.

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