Behind The Scenes Grisly Grisell Photo Gallery

Do you absolutely love Grisly Grisell and want to see behind the scenes photos? This Grisly Grisell photo gallery is filled with all the faces you know along with the stuff that goes on behind the scenes!

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1. Behind the Scenes Grisly Grisell Photo Gallery

2. Red Carpet Premiere Grisly Grisell Photo Gallery

Grisly Grisell watch now

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1. Behind The Scenes Grisly Grisell Photo Gallery

Grisly Grisell watch now
Grisly Grisell watch now
Grisly Grisell watch now
Grisly Grisell watch now

As you can see from this Grisly Grisell photo gallery, this was a fun movie to make. We worked with many of the same families from Max & Carlota. We moved during Max & Carlota and some of those families were willing to make the 2 hour drive one way to act in Grisly Grisell. We also had some new families from our new area act in this film.

Most of the movie was filmed in our garage that was converted into a studio. This worked out really well because we could leave the sets set up between shoots.

It took about 2 years to film Grisly Grisell. Mary Beth graduated from high school and worked 30 hours a week at a tire center during the shooting of this film. She spent a lot of the money she earned on sets, props, and costumes.

We moved from California to Idaho, an 800 miles distance, toward the end of shooting. All families sacrificed and we crunched the final scenes we needed to shoot with the California families. 

Faustina graduated from high school at the end of production and we finished shooting the film in Idaho with our family and some extras from the Idaho homeschool group. You may notice how tan the Bowens are in some of horse scenes that we shot last. We spent our first summer back living in tents on our property while finishing this film.

The premiere was a huge success. The generous owner of the local movie theater waved his rental fee and Grisly Grisell premiered on the big screen. The theater is on the historical site registry and it was a real thrill seeing Grisly Grisell displayed on the antique marquee sign!

This was a formal event with a red carpet and all. Sticking with the theme of the historic theater and the Wars of the Roses we decorated with Old Hollywood glamour complete with red and white roses. What a memorable evening!

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