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Faith In The Old Testament

by Bee-Jay

Many people in the Old Testament showed faith in God. Three old testament characters who were outstanding examples of faithfulness were Noah, David and Judith.

Noah proved faith in God when God said He would send a flood. Even though there was no water and no sign of rain, Noah began to build the ark. Noah was laughed at by his friends and neighbors for building a huge boat in the middle of land. But he believed that God would send the flood.

David manifested faith in God when he faced the giant Goliath. David didn't even think of his littleness but knew God would help him kill his enemy. When the Israelites feared the general Holofernes, Judith had great faith in God as she prepared to face Holofernes herself. She went to the enemy’s camp and with the help of God, killed Holofernes.

These three Old Testament heroes relied on God and had complete faith that He would help them in their time of need.

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