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5 Top Closing Songs Countdown From Movies You're Sure To Know And Love. Treat Yourself To Some Good Movie Memories.

Closing songs are fun for everyone. Often the memory that lingers from movies is the ending credit song. This list sums up the best movie ending songs that are sure to please as you enjoy good movie memories. What could be better? Well, they all come from morally good entertainment. Yay!

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#5 Journey To The Past Is Catchy And Nostalgic. Anastasia's Closing Song Makes The List

Anastasia is a fun cartoon that mixes true facts from history with fiction. It relates the true story of the Romanov family's demise and the role of the sinister figure Rasputin. It also is a sweet romance. 

At The Beginning has a definitely '90s feel. It is fun and has a good beat. Everyone loves this catchy duet.

Journey To The Past is the second end credit song performed by Aaliyah. It was nominated for best original song at the Academy Awards but lost to My Heart Will Go On from the Titanic. 

Seeing as the Titanic is not on this list, we feel it should have won the award.

Watch Industrious Family's no-budget short the 6 Deaths Of Rasputin. Using the works of Warren and Anne Carroll our short is historically accurate. The life and death of Rasputin is quite chilling. It is a perfect example of the ultimate demise that will follow when leaders listen to teachers who tickle their ears. 

#4 Feel Your Heart Pump With The Energy Of This Is Me from The Greatest Showman

This is Me truly carries forward the energy of the film The Greatest Showman. I'm sure you'll agree the music is what makes The Greatest Showman so good. The closing song also carries forward the message of the movie that shows the value of the individual and brings to light the importance of the ethical treatment of others in business. 

One of the main aspects of the movie, and all of the best parts, is the dancing and the singing. The songs and their accompaniments are well written. The choreography is even better! The actors did a very good job of acting and performing this musical. Read our complete Greatest Showman movie review here.

You can Come Alive! with a circus themed birthday party. It makes for a really fun afternoon of entertainment.

#3 Trouble Has A Good Beat And Sets The Tone For The Conclusion To The Chosen Series Giving Jesus A Manliness That Is Always Attractive To Serious Christians

The Chosen series is good. It portrays Jesus and His disciples in a very approachable and human way. The song, Trouble, personifies that vibe - a reminder that Jesus Christ came not to bring peace but to bring the sword. If we are going to follow Him we will have to kill the old Adam and that spells Trouble.

The Chosen is directed by Dallas Jenkins, an evangelical Christian, and stars Jonathan Roumie, a Catholic, as Jesus. On the advisory panel sits an evangelical pastor, a rabbi, and Bishop Baron of the Los Angeles diocese. Let all that be what it may but from a purely entertaining perspective, this is the best Jesus show ever produced. Read a full The Chosen review here.

The scene with this song is set as Season 1 ends with Jesus finally beginning His public ministry and the Trouble is about to begin. The closing songs left us at the edge of our seats dying to watch more.

#2 Don't Go Breaking My Heart Closes Ella Enchanted With A Bang Leaving You Feeling On Top Of The World

Those musical numbers at the end of movies are always well received. Some really great ones that come to mind are the one in the 2019 Aladdin and Ella Enchanted.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart is performed by Anne Hathaway, a very talented actress, and Jesse McCartney. Other than that, there's not a lot to it other than it is a really fun old song and the choreography is excellent as is the case with Aladdin

Unfortunately the costumes don't quite pass Christian modesty standards.

This film is a hilarious adaptation of the Cinderella fairytale. Ella Enchanted is full of fun and entertainment, sure to appeal to children for its magical aspects but not too childish for adults. Read the full Ella Enchanted review here...

#1 No Risk Of Subliminal Messages With Veggietales Which Are Always Moral And Fun For All Ages Plus The Music Is Really Good Especially The Closing Songs In The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything's What We Gonna Do

The actual credit roll song is good but the song we really love is Yo Ho Hero. It has an island feel and is really fun. There are two ending credit songs because the first one is interrupted by a Rock Lobster spoof Rock Monster preformed by the characters. The first one closing song is a rock version of the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything followed by What We Gonna Do? which tells of the under confident nature of these three veggie heroes.

The credit roll song will get you jamming out as the cute movie gives you one last thrill. The music is by Kurt Heinecke and performed mostly by the voice actors. 

There are two full length Veggietales movies, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and Jonah, but there are many other shorts that we love especially the Veggietales Christmas special and the Veggietales Easter special. We also have some great party ideas for the Veggietales fan in your life. Check out our Veggietales Party theme.

Our wholesome movies for the whole family contain great music too. We are engaged in a parallel entertainment industry. We hope to make reprise and finale scenes like Ella Enchanted and Aladdin. We create fantastic pop songs for credit rolls too. Our first one is Love Is A Beauty. It can hold its own on this list. Please check it out and download it to your favorite music streaming service.

This Bonus Song Holds It's Own On This List Of Top Closing Songs Having A Pop Sound And Charming Lyrics. Decide For Yourself By Checking Out  Love Is A Beauty From Grisly Grisell Today.

Love is a Beauty was written by Music Forge and performed by his lead female vocalist. We used it in Grisly Grisell's end credits. It fit the bill perfectly and gave the film the right lingering memory. You can download Love is a Beauty here.


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