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The Beauty Of A Garden

by Teen-a

There’s not a more beautiful sight than the sight of a garden in the summer.

The carrots and onions are beginning to show their little tops in the beautiful colors of purple, orange and white. The lettuce and spinach both seem to be crying, “Pick me, I’m the most ripe! I’ll make a most delicious salad for tonight’s dinner!” All the pumpkins are beginning to turn from green to orange. They will soon have a candle-lit picture on them. The zucchini is already coming on in great abundance.

One seems to hardly sustain himself from thinking about all of the delicious zucchini bread and pancakes. There are so many beans and peas that one can go out and eat as many as he pleases and not make a single dent in the crop. The tomatoes will soon be ripe enough to make some spicy salsa. The potato plants are beginning to wither and die, signifying that the time has come to start digging. The sunflowers and the corn seem to be looking down at the rest of the plants.

What a wonderful vision a garden is!

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