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Updated on March 3, 2020 by Mary Bowen

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    This St. Ignatius of Loyola coloring page is provided for your personal use. Coloring is fun and finding online printables makes it all the better.

    He asked for a book that would answer his needs,

    Some book about battles and chivalrous deeds,

    But they gave him the Lives of the Saints which he read

    From beginning to end as he lay ill in bed;

    And when he had finished, he vowed and he swore

    That he'd follow the saints and be worldly no more.

    ~I is for Ignatius in An Alphabet of Saints

    A leg shattering wound from a cannonball changed the rough solider life of Ignatius of Loyola. Forced to spend several months healing he had nothing to do but read. He would have preferred chivalry and war tales but the only books available were religious or tales of the lives of the saints. (A solider in the 16th century was not a religious person.)

    When the saint was able to walk, his life was completely different. He immediately limped on a pilgrimage to the monastery of Our Lady of Montserrat. At the alter, Ignatius dedicated himself to the service of Christ in the manner of a knight in the Middle Ages. This saint was to become the founding father of one of the world's greatest religious orders: the Society of Jesus.

    It is interesting to note that St. Ignatius of Loyola organized the Jesuits like an army.

    To make a religious order with a military spirit and way of being was the idea of St. Ignatius. The Society of Jesus is an army, its head is a general, the hierarchy is military, the obedience is military, the action is combative and carried out in a militant style. 

    ~Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira 

    Continue reading Prof. Plinio's comments on St. Ignatius of Loyola here.

    His feast day is July 31st.

    Please say a little prayer for our artist, Bee Jay.

    ~Christ the King Lord of History~Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints~An Alphabet of

    Mary Bowen is a founding member of Not only is she our resident artist but she is also a choir director, GAPS dessert guru, Angora lover, and director at San Genesio Entertainment. Always cheerful and optimistic, Mary loves sharing her gifts with others. She has walked the Chartes pilgrimages twice and hopes to go as often as is realistic. Her first movie, Outlaws of Ravenhurst premiered in 2018.

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