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Love Is A Beauty Is Christian Charity As Exposed By The Performer Of The Song

I was truly honored to be asked to sing the end credit song, Love Is a Beauty, for the film Grisly Grisell. Getting to sing it was so incredible! 

I had to sing with so many different tones and techniques because of the “pop” style of the song and it was a whole new world for me to record that style in the studio. It was my first time hearing my voice in a theater setting as well. I can tell you it felt weird, but so cool! Overall it was a great experience that I’ll never forget.

Working with Music Forge was so amazing. He’s a very talented musician and I always enjoy working with and singing for him! He really made the music come alive in this production. I look forward to working with him more!

The song itself has a very powerful message. It really delves into the importance of what’s going on in the inside, and that looks and appearances on the outside are not what matter. Charity is the True Love the song is talking about, and how important it is to live that love in your daily life no matter how beautiful you may appear on the outside.

I think that message is shown very well throughout the whole movie and ended well with the song. Again, it was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget and I hope that the song will bring many more people closer to God. All for His Glory!

We are so excited to share with you our first ever credit roll pop song, Love is a Beauty! You can purchase a download of the song here! This is a great way to support our work.

Love Is A Beauty

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The Lyrics Teach Us That No Matter How Beautiful You May Appear On The Outside It's What's On The Inside That Counts.

Open those eyes,
And embrace the world around you
Hide that disguise
That would only choke and drown you out
Try to walk a mile
In the steps of one that they say is vile
There’s just so much more
Than you think that love’s about

Love is a beauty that will always live and last
It grows inside and it shines through eyes
that forgive the past
Love is a beauty that cannot be undone
It grows with grace as we live our days
Joining hearts as one

Look past the scars
That show only wounds of courage
Fear is what mars
Little souls inside the cage
Open the book
Of another person’s living story
Learn what you can
Of another person’s pain

Love is a beauty that will always live and last
It grows inside and it shines through eyes
that forgive the past
And love is a beauty that cannot be undone
It grows with grace as we live our days
Joining hearts as one

Music And Lyrics By Music Forge

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