Natural Makeup Look For Your Screen Actors

Natural Makeup

Everyone knows that much time is dedicated to applying a natural makeup look on actors before professional shoots.

Whether the character is as subtle as the extra in the corner or the make-up look needs to be as in-depth as the ugsome scar on Grisell Dacre, here is a complete guide to help you make your actor’s face shine! This look is important for all actors, men and women. Continue reading or watch our short tutorial here…

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The Base Layer For Natural Makeup

It is most important to start your artwork, any kind of artwork, on a clean canvas. Provide makeup wipes for your actors at your shoots. After they have cleansed their faces, you can apply foundation.

We use Dream Velvet because of its excellent blending quality. It is a good idea to test the color on the wrist of the actor so you don’t tan them or make them sickly pale (unless, of course, that is the desired look.) 

Use a makeup sponge to blend the foundation into the skin and to apply it evenly. 

Applying Contour

Now is the time for contour. The goal of this step is to define the actor’s features. The jaw, cheeks, temples, nose, forehead, and ears should be emphacized. This is very important for a natural makeup look because the foundation really tempers down the natural variances of the person's face.

We don't have any particular favorite brand to use. Any that has a bronzer, highlighter and contour. Apply the contour (lighter bronze) to the lower cheek bone and jaw-line like a horizontal V.

Using the bronzer, apply to the temple. Go light here. If you get too much on the temple it is very hard to blend in. You don't want your actor to end up looking like he got in a fist fight and has developed a severe bruise on both his temples.

Use another sponge to blend the harsh lines.

Next apply the white powder to the ears, forehead, nose and chin. Blend again. Apply a pink blush to the apple of the cheeks, right below the eyes. Once you are done with all the powders, do one more run with the brush, blending everything in.

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Defining The Eyes And Lips

The make-up for the eyes, especially in older film genres, should be most subtle, barely noticeable even. Men are not an exception. This, like contouring, brings out the features.

The eyes are the windows into the thoughts and feelings of the performer so they need to look good.

Browns and neutral colors should be used for this natural makeup look. Apply a light shade on the top of the lid and a darker shade on the lower. Then apply mascara. Once again, this is important in making the features of the eyes pop. So this should be applied to men and women alike. 

Finally, apply a subtle shade of lipstick or tinted chapstick to the actor. This brings color back to the lips after foundation may have chased away the natural color.

A Natural Makeup That Looks Great On Both Stage And Screen

I hope this satisfies all your stage, film or even family portrait makeup needs. This is the process we use on all our actors at every shoot. I hope you found the video tutorial helpful, too. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please express them below! 

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