Behind The Scenes Max & Carlota Photo Gallery

Do you absolutely love Max & Carlota and want to see behind the scenes photos? This Max & Carlota photo gallery is filled with all the faces you know along with the stuff that goes on behind the scenes!

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Max & Carlota Behind The Scenes Photo Gallery

carlota and faustianFaustina Bowen played the role of Empress Carlota.
Becket as LopezBecket Bowen played the role of the traitor Col. Lopez.
Mary and Faustina M&C PremiereDirector, Mary Bowen and Script/Actress Faustina Bowen at the premiere

Photo #1. Michael Bowen and James Phillips pose for a picture after a shoot day in the Chapultepec set.

#2. Although never seen acting in this costume, Becket wore General Bazaine's costume while he was controlling the boom mic. He really just wanted to put the pants on.

#3. Faustina Bowen makes a final costume adjustment and makes sure the wound on General Miramon's head looks just right before the camera rolls.

#4. The many hats of actors and crew! Pictured here, Faustina Bowen runs the boom mic while waiting for her turn to act.

#5. Michael Bowen and Frank Lawrence pose with their swords after a film day.

#6. A short break in between shots.

Photo #1. The Conservative Mexican army gets into position to wait for the charge.

#2. Michael, Gabriel and Declan practice the surrender scene.

#3. Extras line up to have their makeup applied by Mary and Faustina Bowen. At Industrious Family Films, the crew takes on multiple jobs, like the Director and Script Supervisor you see applying makeup here.

#4. Michael Bowen poses for a picture with his younger brothers and sister.

#5. The Liberal army prepares their charge.

Photo #1. Gabriel Pimental rehearsed lines to himself before a scene. 

#2. Actors wait for their hair and makeup to be applied before a scene. We apply a simple, natural makeup look on all our actors, even extras. This look amplifies natural variations without making actors look like they obviously are wearing it on screen.

#3. Mary Bowen films the military planning scene with the crew behind her helping record the volume. Our first two films were recorded on an iPad.

#4. Declan Bowen sights his replica musket while the soldiers await further commands.

#5. The conservative soldiers celebrate a victory with whoops and cheers.

Photo #1. The execution scene cast poses for an after shoot photo.

#2. James Phillips (Gen. Miguel Miramon), Michael Bowen (Emperor Maximilian of Mexico), and Gabriel Mejia (General Tomas Mejia) pose for a picture after their execution with the Castle Noz wall behind them. 

#3. Faustina Bowen joins the cast in a walk back from the make-up station. Faustina enjoys trying on all the hats from various characters.

#4. Matt Bowen helps some of the cast fire blanks with his guns. We were happy to record some real gunfire closeups for the battle scenes.

Photo #1. Sophia Lawrence, Adelaide Bowen, and Faustina Bowen get a quick picture at our beautiful shot location posing as Italy.

#2. Sophia and Adelaide pose for picture with the tea set that Maid Adelaide brought out for Carlota to find her absent.

#3. Faustina, Adelaide and Sophia pose for one last picture before being completely done with the filming.

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