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Read On To Learn All About Movie Production

Movie Production

Want to be a movie maker but not sure how to go about it? Don't worry. Here is a list of pages that will get you going in no time!

A Little Inspiration From The Best Filmmaker In History: Walt Disney

Although he was just a farmer boy Kansas, Walt Disney didn't let anything stop him from achieving what he wanted. There were many times that he was given ample reasons for giving up: the Disney strike, $4 million in debt, even his brother was urging him to sell the company. 

This secular man's determination and unconquered spirit can be a lesson to Catholic moviemakers that nothing can stop us. We can be as far-reaching as Disney if we keep the same spirit he had.


How To Write A Setting

Don't make the mistake of simply placing characters in a time and place. Rather engage in good story telling by creating circumstances that influence the characters. Use story evaluation as a way to learn how to:

  • Write a setting that works
  • Incorporate circumstances in the setting
  • How characters are effected by a setting  

All are very important to script writing, creative writing, and interpreting books you read throughout life. Read More…


Screenwriting can be hard. That's why we've made this page which has simple tricks and tips to make it easier for all you aspiring filmmakers. Complete with:

  • Where to find material for screenplays
  • Picking your genre, and 
  • Forming your story

You will be happily typing in no time!

How To Budget And Fundraise

You probably think that making good homemade movies might be a fun project, but believe it is an expensive and altogether out-of-reach dream. Although Hollywood movies do usually cost an outrageous amount of money to make, yours don’t have to. Read all about how to:

  • Work hard to make your funds
  • Be careful with how you spend them
  • Create a project budget, and  
  • Stick with it. 

You are sure to come out on top with homemade movies of decent quality. Let's make that dream a reality! Read More...

Become An Actor

Nervousness! It's the director's worst nightmare. It doesn’t matter how a person shows his nervousness, it generally, though unintentionally, is counterproductive and ends up slowing the whole film day down. This page will help you:

  • Understand the nature of nervousness,
  • Tackle stage fright, and
  • Organize your own acting guild

Read all about becoming an actor here!

Natural Makeup For Screen

Makeup is very important to film. You will want to apply a natural makeup routine to men and women alike at every shoot. (Don't worry, it looks really bold in person but great on screen!) This article will teach you:

  • How to apply and match foundation
  • How to apply contour, and
  • How to define the eyes and lips

Learn how to apply a natural makeup look for stage and screen here...

Celebrate Your Accomplishment With A Grand Premiere: Get The Party Going With Old Hollywood Glamour

Celebrate your actors and your accomplishment by throwing a Hollywood glamour party premiere! This page is here to take all the planning stress off of you with great ideas for:

  • What your itinerary should look like
  • How to decorate
  • How to dress
  • What to serve, and
  • What silent auction items to gather

Learn how to throw your own premiere here...

Another great idea is to host a conference premiere. Like our Max & Carlota premiere, you can gather a line up of people to talk on a set premiere topic. Continue reading about the Max & Carlota premiere to hear from the creators and our speakers with great speeches on good stories to tell and the importance of seeking good entertainment for your family.

Watch Our First Ever Films!

We first started making movies in 2015 with shorts and music videos. Right now, we have a collection of our earliest movies in the categories of:

Remember to never be ashamed of your early productions. We learn by doing our best where we are and moving forward. Please join this group on MeWe and share your films with other independent filmmakers!


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