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September 28: Fall Activities On The Way!

Since fall is here, we have bought mums, our Halloween pumpkins, and are now deciding on which fall activity we would like to begin!

Check out our fall activities Pinterest board for your autumn crafting inspiration!

September 21: Feast Of St. Matthew

September 20: Cows, Chickens, And Sheep; A Few Of The Many Productive Animals

There are many animals which are productive. Among these are cows, chickens, and sheep. Cows give us milk; as well as their manure, which we use on our gardens. Chickens give us eggs. They also keep us well supplied with delicious meals of chicken! Sheep produce wool for yarns, sweaters, and blankets. Many people also enjoy their meat, called mutton or lamb. Here are only three of the many animals which serve a purpose. Is it not amazing how many uses we have for animals?

September 19: Our 9th Fun Family Card Game: Pinochle

Pinochle is a game that I have played, but it was more doing what I was told to more than actually playing.

Most people who really know how to play Pinochle find it a among the very enjoyable fun family card games.

I have put a video on how to play below so you can learn how to play this game and hopefully have a great time with it.

September 16: Our 8th Fun Family Card Game: Euchre


Once again, Euchre is one of the splendid four player, fun family card games. More mature players are a requirement though.

This is another card game that many card-playing memories are associated with.

When ever anyone mentions Euchre, the picture which always appears in my mind is a fun game around a table with Mr. B, Da Mamma, and Bee-Jay.

This is a great card game filled with competition. We always like to play this one when ever there is a Sunday afternoon that seems as though it has lasted a little to long.

With great memories attached and long afternoons spent playing, Euchre has worked its way to the top 13 of our favorite card games!

What We're All About

Many think that in order to have fun they must enjoy one pleasure after another. Unfortunately, this pursuit of pleasure will ultimately leave you feeling empty and weighed down.

Don't let your family fall into this pleasure seeking trap. There is a better way to live and have fun as a family.

Sometimes pleasure is a part of our fun, but mostly we work hard at fostering diligence. Adopting our lifestyle and incorporating the fun-filled ideas found here is guaranteed to make your family more peaceful, tight-knit, and holy. 

Pave the way for fun with...

  • Ideas for indoor family fun
  • All sorts of ideas for outdoor family fun. Engage the entire family with activities ranging in price and effort.
  • Fun party ideas for kids, whether it be an arty party, craft party or food party you'll find the information and tips you need to pull one off without a hitch.
  • Inspiring themed birthday party ideas complete with food, decorating, and activities.

Here we must mention caring for animals. Family pets not only teach responsibility but they also teach generosity and instill an appreciation for God's creation.

Idleness Is The Devil's Workshop

Industriousness is the virtue of diligence--a zealous and careful persistence in your work and actions. This conscientiousness shines through in areas such as budgeting your time, stick-to-it-iveness, and giving it your all.

"He who does not do his work to serve God turns his work into idleness." -St. Bernard

Idleness is the devil’s workshop. Wholesome family fun and fostering industriousness in your family will combat sloth. Sloth is more than merely laziness...

...it is a desire to escape from God seeking worldly pleasure while ignoring your duties to Him, your family and your neighbors.

Cultivate industriousness and other virtues in your family. Explore more ways of growing in holiness as a family...

Entertainment That Increases Family Fun

Enjoying edifying books, wholesome movies and good music is important for families. Avoiding bad entertainment is an absolute necessity!

Use our

as a guide to the next book you or your children will read or listen to...

Family Fun And Staying Out Of Trouble

Many times family projects are loads of fun. Your family is bound to stay out of trouble as they keep busy creating things. One area to consider beginning a project is the do it yourself home improvements category.

Improving the look and functionality of your home will make it a more enjoyable and fun place to be. 

Discover other projects that you can do as a family that are fun:

  • Crafts
  • Handmade gifts - Making handmade gifts is well worth the time investment. Handmade gifts are more meaningful than something bought at the store. Plus there’s a perfect gift for every occasion.
  • Recipes

At the end of each project, you will feel proud and the receiver will feel the love your family put into the meaningful gift.

The Daffodil: Industry's Flower

"Scarcely has the winter’s snow disappeared from the sunny fields at the approach of spring when a charming gold-colored flower makes its appearance-I mean the daffodil.

I have chosen it from among its brethren and sisters, the fair children of spring, and I have called it industry’s flower because it hastens to blossom as soon as possible."

-Fr. Lasance The Catholic Girl's Guide

A Sense Of Accomplishment

Hard work, attention to details, and extra touches make special events, holidays, and parties more fun.

Fun For Vacations & Family Reunions

Your vacations, as well as your family reunions, can be more memorable and fun when diligence and a spirit of organization are applied. When things are organized, they will become more enjoyable.

Start planning a fun family trip or weekend getaway to one of our favorite cities with our what to do and where to stay guide. Read more here...

What Matters Most?

Getting to Heaven! Wholesome family fun will help you get there. So what are we waiting for. Grab your family and check out how to shake up some family fun.

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