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The Industrious Family Gleaner, Issue #001 -- Family Fun In The Fall
September 16, 2015

Focusing On Frequent Family Fun

September 17, 2015|Issue 001|Family Fun In The Fall

Note From The Editor:

Dear Friends,

Fall is here. We are all busy canning and preparing for the winter. School buses go by everyday as children go back to school. But that doesn't mean that the fun is over. You can still have fun even though it is raining outside. That is why we have prepared this newsletter for you.

In it you will find how to prepare your garden for next year with rabbit manure, some fall decorations you can pull off in a breeze, what’s new on and much more!

A little on us-well we start homeschooling this month. Some of the kids look at this as only four more years to go, others say twelve. But no matter what, homeschooling is fun all year long.

Our homeschool group is starting a co-op this year. Bee-Jay is going to provide a demonstration on her angoras.

We are also going to teach a movie making class. At the end of which we will produce a movie with the homeschool group. The movie will be published so you all can watch it. We are really excited!

One of the Industrious Family Farm members is taking time off as she is going to be bred. Daisy, the Jersey, after 18 months of faithful milking will be back in business in June. When she produces milk we will have a bull or a heifer calf to tell you about. We already miss her rich creamy milk and the delicious heavy cream we enjoyed every day.

Well that’s only a few of the many things that we are up to. Everything would not fit in one ezine. Please remember to like us on Facebook and thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. If you enjoy what you read, please encourage your friends to subscribe and forward this issue to your email list.

May God bless You! The Industrious Family

In This Issue:

Sifting Rabbit Poop For Manure: A Pictorial Guide

Fall Decor: Corn-Stalks

Recipe Of The Month

What’s New On The Site…

Sifting Rabbit Poop For Manure: A Pictorial Guide

Yep, that’s what I said,

Sifting poop for manure.

It sounds strange. Well to tell you the truth it is both strange and fun.

Many people know that rabbit poop is really good for gardens. But few know how to get it without getting the hair, food and bedding that might come with it. Well let me tell you how this can be done. (Remember to enable images in your email settings to see the pictures.)

All you need to begin is

  • One 2x4
  • ½ in mesh wire
  • Screws
  • Wheel barrow
  • Shovel
  • And of course the rabbit poop

With the 2x4 make a box the size of your wheel barrow. Staple the mesh wire on one side. This is your sifter.

Step #1 Shovel your poop into a pile on top of cement or a tarp. Our cages are open on the bottom and the droppings fall directly onto clean tarps. This set up works great.

Step #2 Scoop a shovel full of poop onto your sifter that has been placed on top of a wheelbarrow.

Step #3 Shake vigorously. The poop should fall through the holes leaving the undesirable material behind.

Step #4 Tada! Beautiful, cool manure ready to apply to your veggies and flowers or fed to your worms.

Step #5 We fill old feed bags to store the rabbit poop until it is needed for our own use or to sell.

It never ceases to amaze me of all the things hands can do. They can do good or bad. But remember, if your hand does something bad, cut it off. Matthew 18:8


Fall Decor: Corn-Stalks

Time to cut down the corn? What should you do with it? Decorate! You will need:
  • Strong string
  • And corn-stalks
We laid out a set of ten stocks and tied them to the fence posts. Tada!

Recipe Of The Month

Every issue will have a seasonal recipe. Enjoy!

Sauteed Apples

    6 apples, peeled and cut into chunks
    4 Tablespoons butter

In a heavy skillet, saute the apples in butter until golden. Serve with whipped cream. Yum!

Variation: Use pears instead of apples.

What’s New On The Site…

The Industrious Family is proud to announce that we are developing an online store. We have books and rabbit manure to offer. Many more items will be added!

We have added to our site a book review page. Here you can see all our favorite books along with a summary. Keep checking back as we complete the reviews and add more here!

We have added to our party kits with a Highland Games Party Kit. This is a complete guide on enjoying an action packed and unique highland games party. It is easy to throw with this guide which includes a printable invitation, itinerary, and recipe plus lyrics for songs and a poem cellection. Celebrate a birthday, a holiday, or throw one just for fun. Robert Burns would approve. Be sure to check it out here.

Buy Some Bunny Manure Today!

Buy some rabbit manure from our store! We fill a large flat rate box lined with a plastic bag. This manure is the very best you can use on your garden. Our roses and veggies were gorgeous this year due to the rabbit manure we spread this spring. We add it to all of our soil. Fall is a great time to add this to your garden. Buy here...
Help keep us on the web. Donate $25 today and receive an t-shirt!

Happy Family Fun and may God Bless You!

The Industrious Family

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