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Happy Easter! Plus--Easter Activities And Coloring Page, And Two New Pages On!
April 04, 2021

Happy Easter from the Industrious Family!

We hope you had a fruitful Lent and the hope of Easter finds you once again fervent in your religious practices!

Read about Easter activities for kids, see our free coloring page, plus two new pages with kid friendly movie reviews. All this and more in this issue of The Gleaner!

Don't forget we love hearing from you--so please feel free to hit reply if you have any questions or just to say hi!

Easter Activities For Kids!

Enjoy traditional Easter activities following this guide! Complete with dying eggs to things to do during Holy Week.

Easter Coloring Page

"If Christ had not risen, in vain would we believe in Him."

The confidence of a future resurrection is a subject of the greatest joy to the children of God. To die forever would be the most terrible of all destinies. Had Christ not risen He would have been convicted of having been an imposter and His aposles of being mad. His death would not have availed us anything and we would still be dwelling in the bounds of sin. Our hope in Him would only extend to this life and we would be the most unfortunate of men.

But Jesus Christ, having come forth living from the tomb, His doctrine is confirmed by His resurrection, it establishes the certitude of His mission in His character as Son of God.

NEW! Kid Friendly Movies

Looking for a movie that you can let your kids watch without being worried about their innocence? Don’t worry! This page will guide you to different categories of kid friendly movies.

NEW! Honest Movie Reviews

Here we have compiled 13 reviews of our favorite movies from a Catholic perspective. Each review contains a section presenting points in the movies you may want to consider before showing this movie to your family.

Movies from the mid-fifties all the way up to 2010 are reviewed on this page.

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The Industrious Family

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