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January 28, 2018

Tonight we showed the actors and their families what we have thus far of Outlaws of Ravenhurst

January 20, 2018

San Genesio Entertainment, Outlaws of Ravenhurst

In the scene from this afternoon, Sir Roger, Gordon, and Godfrey are on the home stretch. Inside the coach, Gordon is worn out from his long journey and is finding sweet repose in a nice long nap. Godfrey and Sir Roger seize this moment to be sure they are on the same page and to discuss the one point upon which they do not quite agree: Lady Margaret. 

San Genesio Entertainment, Outlaws of Ravenhurst
San Genesio Entertainment, Outlaws of Ravenhurst

January 13, 2018

San Genesio Entertainment, Outlaws of Ravenhurst

In the scene we shot today, Gordon meets Edwin, the only Catholic gate guard. After a short conversation with the soldier about his father, Gordon is disappointed to find that his mother has not returned home yet. Not only that, but will probably never be seen again before Gordon has grown up. Angry with his mother and Sir Roger, Gordon leaves into the woods to cry it out and gather his thoughts. 

San Genesio Entertainment, Outlaws of Ravenhurst

We are very fortunate to be able to film this scene at such a beautiful location: the Noz Castle. 

San Genesio Entertainment, Outlaws of Ravenhurst

December 8

Setting Up The Earl's Room. So exciting!!!

November 14

Children's Cinema Workshop coming up this weekend!

November 4

Scouting Shot Locations: Castle Noz! Oh Yeah. Score. Big time.

Oct 28

Scene 5

Scene 5 stars James Phillips as the fully evil Godfrey and Patrick Atwood as the only Gordon weakling, Sir Roger. These two characters begin to discuss their plans for Gordon’s future while he sleeps in the carriage on the way to Ravenhurst Castle. Godfrey has not yet convinced Sir Roger to lock Lady Margaret up in a dungeon before she meets Gordon, and intends to make this short time before they reach the Castle a final attempt at persuasion. 

Oct 28

Scene 4 depicts John Abell (Frank Lawrence) as he hears sorrowful news brought to him by his wife, Mary Abell (Faustina Bowen). Gordon’s uncle, Sir Roger acted by Patrick Atwood, is at the farm and ready to take Gordon with him to Scotland. Sir Roger is ready to just grab Gordon and go, and does not even give him a moment to say good-bye to the people who he had always thought were his family. As Gordon is sad and cut deeply by this sudden separation, Sir Roger gives him a little lecture on the way an Earl behaves. 

Oct 28

Scene 3

Scene 3 portrays Becket Bowen as Gordon enjoying the company of his “brother” Joel, played by Thomas Erskine. These two boys of ten go romping through the woods discussing their happy lives and twinship. This scene serves to set the stage of  Gordon’s Maryland life as the son of John and Mary Abell. This scene is followed by the tragic uproar presented in scene 4.

Oct 25

Scene 22!

Clan Gordon sails off the coast of Scotland forever. Stephen stands on the cliff edge and blesses Clan Gordon’s departure. 

Oct. 23

Scene 24!

Thank you Mrs. Brehm for helping with the makeup!

Oct. 12, 2017

Thank You!

Thank you so much for donating items to the yard sale which will support our movie project. There were some items that we put aside as props for Outlaws of Ravenhurst! 

Oct 12, 2017

The Earl's Room Is Covered!We are thrilled to announce we have met our pledge drive goal. Infact, we have exceded it. As of this morning we have raised $802 for the Earl’s Room! Thank you for your generosity!

It is not too late to win the beautiful painting The Virgin Annuciate. You have until Friday to be the top donor with a donation of over $250. Any money we do not spend on the Earl’s Room will go towards purchasing sets for other scenes.On behalf of the crew at San Genesio Entertainment, I remain,
Mary Bowen-Director

Oct 6, 2017

Second Shoot Day!

Today we filmed scene 9! Thank you for all your hard work boys! It was a great shoot!

Sept 30, 2017

Score Meeting

Today we had a score meeting for Outlaws of Ravenhurst! It's going to be beautiful! Thank you Sarai for your lovely masterpieces!

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