Industrious Family Film's
Max & Carlota Soundtrack

Music Forge, writing as Bjorn Erikson, really outdid himself with this epic Max & Carlota soundtrackThis original score contains five tracks with a complete run time of eighteen minutes. 

Listen for the character themes as well as the stirring battle music and support for Max's speech in this great disc. 

Copies of the Max & Carlota Soundtrack are $9.99 + 2.80 for shipping, and are available for purchase now!

One of the biggest improvements we achieved for Max & Carlota was having an original score written. The score is now available in CD form for you to enjoy. 

Remember that all profits made on the Max & Carlota soundtrack goes directly into making future wholesome films. Visit our blog to learn more about current productions as well as our dreams for the future of our moviemaking business.

Listen To A Sample Of The Max & Carlota Soundtrack Here!

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