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Hello. How may we help you? 

We would love to meet you face to face and welcome you to a brick and mortar store, but instead we'll have to welcome you to our online family fun shop. You can expect the same level of customer care and attention to details that you'd find at a small town shop. 

We stand behind everything we sell and only recommend products we've used and love and from companies we trust.

The Industrious Family Fun Shop is here to help you locate all the fun things we talk about on this website. They have all been tested and approved to increase your family fun!

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Books Reviewed On Our Site

Outlaws of Ravenhurst
Outlaws of Ravenhurst

$11.95 from Barnes & Noble


$5.99 from Barnes & Noble

Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc

$16.43 from Barnes & Noble

The Complete Brambly Hedge
The Complete Brambly Hedge

$18.55 from Barnes & Noble

Handmade Gifts

Coloring Supplies

Jane Austen Shop

1000 Jane Austen

1,000 Piece Jane Austen Puzzle



Jane Austen Diverted Tote


Jane Austen 6.5 oz glass Candle

Jane Austen 6.5 oz glass Candle


Tea Party Shop

Party Prizes--Gifts Under $15.00

NOOK Books

Angora Products

Angora Hat


Angora wool ready for you to spin!

$6.50 per oz

Religious Items