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What is it that you look for when choosing a movie? Most movies are an assault on our Catholic sensibilities. It is discouraging!

That is why we have started our own movie making company. Movies are powerful because most of the senses are involved. They have a profound effect on us, be it for good or bad. Because of this effect all our productions stress virtue and demonstrate holiness. 

Movies like The War of the VendeeThe Reluctant Saint and The Passion inspire us, make us laugh and increase our devotions. We want to make more movies like these. We need your help. When you support Industrious Family Films with the gift of financial support, you help promote wholesome entertainment that is so needed in today's world.

We depend on fundraisers and donor support for costumes, props and equipment. We are working with a budget of $11,900 for our current movie: Grisly Grisell. Please show your love for Industrious Family Films and our Catholic values by becoming a member of Industrious Family Films with your donation of:

  • $100 Bronze Member
  • $250 Silver Member
  • $500 Gold Member

We rely on your support to create and to produce new movies. Please consider becoming a sustaining member of Industrious Family Films today by choosing a monthly amount that works for you and your budget.That steady, reliable donation is extremely helpful in planning for future movies and expanding our reach. It has never been more easier to donate. Simply follow the link below to our donate page. Thank you for your viewership, enthusiasm, suggestions and support!

On behalf of the team at Industrious Family Films, I remain truly yours,

Mary Bowen
Director, Industrious Family Films

P.S. A gift will be mailed at each level, so be sure to include your mailing address!

P.P.S. We are more than happy to email prospective donors our itemized budget upon request. Please use our contact us form here…

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