DIY Projects For The Whole Family

DIY projects are rewarding in so many ways. Saving money and keeping your family busy are definite benefits, but the satisfaction of a job well done is by far the most compelling reason to tackle a do it yourself project with the family. Think of the bonding opportunities! Get started with one of the projects below:

DIY Hot Tub

How to guide for a DIY hot tub cold water in the tub is sucked up in a copper pipe that is coiled through a hot fire and is sent back into the tub.

How To Arrange Flowers

Get stunning results when you learn how to arrange flowers with these 5 tips and techniques. Save money decorating for parties and gifting lovely fresh flower arrangements to your friends and neighbors.

Detail A Car

This step by step detail a car guide will lead you through the gratifying process of detailing your car with your kiddos help. Go from sour minivan smell to fresh new car smell in an hour or less. Save money, build character and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done!

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