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June 02, 2016

Focusing On Frequent Family Fun

June 2, 2016 | Issue 012 | Chartres Pentecost Pilgrimage

With sacraments and pilgrimages, we've had a busy May. Sham-wow received his First Holy Communion. Mr. and Mrs. B served as godparents at a Baptism and BeeJay went on the medieval style Chartres Pentecost pilgrimage.

Read all about these events and how to get started with the bagpipes in this issue.

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Learn To Play Bagpipes

Mr. B has been really enjoying his set of bagpipes. He got them recently and already knows a few songs on them.

The first three things he would suggest to begin your bagpipe adventure are a beginner's lesson book, a practice chanter, and a visit to Henderson's.

Mr. B started out first with a practice chanter. He got this from Henderson's. Only after he had learned a tune did he get his bagpipes. This made him more eager to learn as he had a goal and would have to reach that goal before he could reward himself with the bagpipes.

Mr. B found the Beginners Book from Henderson's a good and easy book to follow. He followed it very closely and was playing Scot's Wha Hae very quickly.

The last thing that Mr. B is suggesting today is a quick visit to Henderson's. They have easy to follow videos that go through the assembly and maintenance of your chanter and bagpipes. Mr. B visits this website often to get a refresher or watch one he hasn't watched yet!

Preparing For First Holy Communion

Sham-wow received his First Holy Communion in May. It was a long time coming. He really yearned to receive this sacrament and he tried very hard to memorize and understand his catechism. The books we used to prepare were:

  • The New St. Joseph First Communion Catechism
  • Our Lady's Catechists: First Communion
  • Seton's Religion 2 for Young Catholics
  • Leading the Little Ones to Mary

The information that was important to master was a sincere understanding of sin, forgiveness of sins through the sacrament of Penance and the True Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

Having a grasp of original sin, actual sin, the Blessed Trinity, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity becoming man in the Person of Jesus Christ, His making satisfaction for our sins are all key to advancing in the Faith.

All this is covered well in the First Communion Catechism and Sham-wow spend three school years memorizing and internalizing these concepts.

The Our Father and Act of Contrition should be memorized as well as the Ten Commandments and the Seven Sacraments.

That can sometimes be quite a lot of work for a little person. Preparing for First Communion increases the graces the child receives and we are very proud of Sham-wow because he worked so hard at preparing and was so excited to receive Our Lord in Holy Communion.

The Chartres Pilgrimage

Bee-jay got home on the 24th of May from her amazing trip to France! Here are a few pictures from the pilgrimage.

After the High Mass in the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris we started the 70+ mile walk to Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres.

And we walked and we walked and we walked...

The Pentecost Mass was said on the second day.

And we walked some more until our destination came into view!

Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres!!

This was an amazing experience and I wish to do it again.

Peaceful Scenes Of Home And Youth

"The very word 'home' is sacred, and its beautiful memories are holy; bringing to old age, after all the struggle of life, its failures and its triumphs, appreciation of much of its futility and the transitoriness of its little victories; and the mind seeks rest and comfort and consolation in going back over all the years to the gentle, peaceful scenes of home and youth."

-William Cardinal O'Connell

Da-Mamma and Mr. B were godparents last week.

In the Church of God there is nothing more holy, nothing more useful, nothing more excellent nor more divine than the Sacraments established by Christ Our Lord for the salvation of mankind. Amongst all the other sacraments of the New Law instituted by Christ, Holy Baptism holds the first place being the entry gate into the Christian religion and into everlasting life, and having necessarily to be received by all men for salvation in reality or at least in desire. (Rit. 1,3 & II, 1)

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Happy Family Fun and may God Bless And Mary Keep You!
The Industrious Family

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