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In this Saint Margaret Mary book summary I will show you the values that are shown, not only in Sr. Margaret Mary, but also in Fr. de la Colombière and Mother de Saumaise in the book.

Margaret Mary is portrayed as obedient, humble and patient to all she meets.

Fr. de la Colombière is encouraging to Sr. Margaret Mary, as well as believing and helpful. He was, in fact, the first to believe the apparitions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to Sr. Margaret Mary.

Mother de Saumaise is also kind and believing. She was also among the first to believe the visions. All through the rest of her life, she never failed to keep encouraging Sr. Margaret Mary and help spread the devotion to the Sacred Heart.

Saint Margaret Mary And The Promises Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus Book Summary: Sr. Margaret Mary

The story mainly follows Sr. Margaret Mary Alacoque from whom the virtues of humility, patience, and obedience are portrayed.

Although most of the nuns in the convent of Parlay-le-Monial feel judged and are mean to Sr. Margaret Mary, she does her best to understand the misunderstanding and be patient until Our Lord opens the sisters’ eyes.

Her humility is another virtue brought before the eyes of the reader. When the sisters do realize their mistake, Sr. Margaret Mary forgives them with the utmost humility.

Obedience is yet another of Sr. Margaret Mary’s shining virtues. Although she thought she wasn’t holy enough, Sr. Margaret Mary obediently writes down the story of her heavenly visions at the command of her superior.

Throughout her life of forty-three years, Sr. Margaret Mary Alacoque practised the virtues of humility, patience and obedience.

Saint Margaret Mary And The Promises Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus Book Summary: Fr. De La Colombiere

Fr. de la Colombière is Sr. Margaret Mary’s closest friend and supporter. Throughout the story, he is helpful, encouraging and wise.

After Sr. Margaret Mary is shunned by all the sisters, she is afraid of telling anyone about Our Lord’s message to the world. However, after much encouragement from Fr. de la Colombière, she tells him her whole story. Rather than taking the path of others, Fr. de la Colombière instantly is willing to try spreading the word to the world.

Although the rest of the world refuses to believe Sr. Margaret Mary’s visions, Fr. de la Colombière never doubts for an instant. He continuously encourages her whether in person or in his letters.

Not only is Fr. de la Colombière willing to help and encourage, but he also uses various ways to spread Our Lord’s message to various people. He wisely addresses certain people differently than he would with others.

Fr. de la Colombière is wise when spreading the message of love and warning, as well as encouraging and helpful to Sr. Margaret Mary.

Saint Margaret Mary And The Promises Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus Book Summary: Mother De Saumaise

Mother de Saumaise is Sr. Margaret Mary’s first superior and among the first who believes that Sr. Margaret Mary was actually receiving visions. All throughout the time she is at the convent, Mother de Saumaise is both kind and believing in Sr. Margaret Mary.

Although some other sisters think Sr. Margaret Mary is crazy and needs to be silenced, Mother de Saumaise leans toward believing Sr. Margaret Mary. After a miraculous cure, she is really convinced.

But before she is actually convinced for sure, Mother de Saumaise is still kind to Sr. Margaret Mary. When some of the nuns believe Sr. Margaret Mary is getting ridiculous, Mother de Saumaise gently refuses to do anything to her.

Although in her position it was difficult to admit that she actually believed Sr. Margaret Mary, Mother de Saumaise is not afraid and is kind and believing.

Saint Margaret Mary And The Promises Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus Book Summary Conclusion

In this story, Mary Fabyan Windeatt weaves virtues into all her characters in a wonderful way.

She makes sure the reader recognizes that Sr. Margaret Mary was humble, patient, and obedient. The reader can’t help but notice when reading each page the loving attitude shown even to those who didn’t really believe in her.

The author portrays wisdom, helpfulness, and an encouraging attitude in Fr. de la Colombière. The reader and Sr. Margaret Mary finds in him only holiness.

The book also shows the fact that Mother de Saumaise was kind and believing.

All the characters in Saint Margaret Mary and the Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, are virtuous and loving to one another.

Saint Margaret Mary and the Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus book summary bottom line: All through out this story the reader continues to learn about all the virtues everyday people can have and should strive to attain.

Thank you for reading my Saint Margaret Mary book summary! I enjoyed this read and would highly recommend it to all those who enjoy reading about the lives of the saints!

I hope you enjoy this beautiful book!

-Teen A

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