"Handmade Gifts Are Fun And Rewarding"

Making handmade gifts for other people is rewarding. Before, during and after the project, the person that you are making the gift for is always on your mind.

You think about them and their personal tastes as you choose the project, the color scheme, and as you work on the gift.

After making the gift the really rewarding part comes when you give the gift you’ve handmade to them. Seeing the look on your loved one's face when they open it and being able to say “I made this for you,” is without equal.

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Endless Possibilities With Goodie Baskets

Goodie baskets are ideal for any occasion. They are also an easy way of combining store bought gifts with a gift you've made by hand.

  • Homemade chicken noodle soup along with a book and a get well card is a nice handmade gift for people who are sick.
  • Movie baskets are great for entire families.
  • Some other useful and unique handmade gifts include soaps, candles, and vinegars.

Handmade baskets are also a more fashionable way to share recipes or project instructions. We’ve done this with food, detergents, and even play dough.

Gifts For Weddings, Housewarmings, Bridal Showers

Nature crafts made from wheat or dried flowers and herbs make wonderful housewarming gifts. Wheat is a traditional symbol of prosperity and love. Many flowers are symbolic, and dried wreaths and arrangements are very special gifts for weddings and housewarmings.

If you have a loom, you can make a variety of special housewarming gifts. You can easily create table linens and throw rugs in the style and color that will match the recipients' tastes.

We usually look at the online wedding registry to decide upon the style and color scheme of a wedding or bridal shower gift (this works for new baby gifts as well.)

What a special occasion a wedding is. As the new couple sets out on their life together, a gift for their home is ideal.

...are a few items the bride and groom will enjoy. Incorporate a wheat craft to hang in the kitchen as a symbol of their love for one another.

Baby Gifts

Baby showers and gifts for new babies are another occasion when a homemade gift is ideal. Crocheting baby hats is fun and quick while the results are stunning.

Crocheted baby blankets are also beautiful. If you've never quilted, a baby blanket is the perfect project to start on. If you are an expert quilter, great! You know how easy it is to whip up a cute crib size quilt.

Booties, baby blanket, and hats...

...you can't go wrong with handmade baby gifts. You could make matching booties, a blanket and a hat and put them in a goodies basket with some store bought accessories.

Have fun thinking of all the handmade babies gifts you can make.


A good choice for your family and friends at Christmastime is a handmade gift.

I have a list of people who I like to give something special to every year. I usually make the same thing for each of them adding a unique touch to each if I can. Ornaments, goodie baskets, and decorations all work well as Christmas gifts.

For children, handmade toys are fun at Christmas. There are many types of wooden toys that are easy to make with a few tools and some woodworking skills.

Playdough and playdough recipes are fun, too.

Baskets with cookie cutters and a jar filled with the dry ingredients for Christmas cookies has proven a nice gift for a family with children.

Handmade Gifts For Men

Men can be hard to buy for. Sometimes it is nice to make a handmade gift for the men in your life to let them know you really care. Crocheting is fun and there are a few crochet projects men will really enjoy receiving.

A funny gift we've made is a knit beanie with a crocheted beard attached to it. Crocheted socks are also a welcomed gift.

Making Gifts As A Family Is Fun

The best reason for making gifts for the people you love is because of the joy they experience when receiving the gift. Besides this, it is fun to work on projects and create things. It is even more fun when the whole family gets involved.

One year we made several "Climbing Pooh" toys. Mr. B made them in his wood shop, the kids stringed them and tested them, and I painted them. It was fun working together.

Working with our loom is always fun. Mr. B and Bee Jay make the warp. The kids cut the material in strips and sew them together and we all take turns running the loom and the shuttle. Mr. B and the bigger boys are best at running the loom because it takes some serious muscles.

Click here to learn how to use a floor loom...

Making things as a family is a very special and fun time for us all and we know our family and friends appreciate the love we have put into the things we make for them.

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